The Tinusaur team will train students and teachers in South Africa

The Tinusaur team will train students and teachers in South Africa

After its successful launch at the Bett show in London, where it announced over 20 new products, the Tinusaur team was invited to Johannesburg, South Africa, to run a series of electronics and robotics workshops for students, as well as training for their teachers. For a week, children from schools in Johannesburg will have the opportunity to join the workshops and assemble a miniature computer … Read more

Visit to “Otets Paisiy” school in the village of Voditsa

Village of Voditsa, BCause Foundation, CAF America, Ted Hart, Elitsa Barakova, Neven Boyanov, Tinusaur Foundation

On September 8, the founder of the Tinusaur Foundation – Mr. Neven Boyanov, had the opportunity to visit the village of Voditsa together with representatives of the BCause Foundation and CAF America. Ted Hart – President and CEO of CAF America, comes to the village of Voditsa for another year to see the people of … Read more

Tinusaur Foundation won funding for robotics workshops in 8 small towns in Veliko Tarnovo Municipality

VIVACOM Regional Grant

In the coming months of 2022, we will introduce children from Veliko Tarnovo to educational technologies and methodologies of the future Our foundation’s project “Robotics, Electronics and Programming for Everyone” won BGN 4960.00 under the program “VIVACOM Regional Grant“. We will use it to purchase materials and organize robotics workshops for beginners in schools in … Read more

Launched crowdfunding campaign for the Tinusaur OLED Display Kit

Tinusaur OLED Display Кit

We have just launched our crowdfunding campaign at Crowd Supply for the Tinusaur OLED Display Kit – a bundle of boards and modules that allows you to connect an ATtiny85 microcontroller to an SSD1306 OLED display. This is a kit so you have to assemble the boards yourself by soldering the parts to the PCB … Read more

Interfacing a MAX7219 Driven LED Matrix with ATtiny85

LED Matrix 8x8 MAX7219 Assembling

UPDATE 2022: The MAX7219LED8x8 library, now renamed to MAX7219tiny has now a new home at Check also this MAX7219 & ATtiny85 tutorial to learn how the library works. The MAX7219 controller manufactured by Maxim Integrated is a compact, serial input/output common-cathode display driver that could interface microcontrollers to 64 individual LEDs, 7-segment numeric LED displays of up to 8 digits, bar-graph … Read more

Launching Crowdfunding Campaign in January

Tinusaur OLED SSD1306xLED Crowdfunding Campaign

It looks like that our most popular software library is the SSD1306xLED. This is a library for working with OLED displays based on the SSD1306 controller. So, we decided to create a Tinusaur shield to carry an OLED display and we’re thinking about putting it up for crowdfunding this January. What could you do it … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Tinusaur Crowdfunding Campaign on January 22nd 2018

Tinusaur Crowdfunding Campaign on January 22nd 2018

Campaign link: Project link: / A small robot car that you could build yourself and program it to follow a black line on the floor. A small game platform, that you could build and program yourself. Those are the Tinusaur project goodies. They can help you learn, teach and make things with microcontrollers, and have … Read more