Tinusaur Foundation won funding for robotics workshops in 8 small towns in Veliko Tarnovo Municipality

VIVACOM Regional Grant

In the coming months of 2022, we will introduce children from Veliko Tarnovo to educational technologies and methodologies of the future

Our foundation’s project “Robotics, Electronics and Programming for Everyone” won BGN 4960.00 under the program “VIVACOM Regional Grant“. We will use it to purchase materials and organize robotics workshops for beginners in schools in the villages of Ledenik, Tserova Koria, Vodoley, Balvan, the town of Debelets, and Kilifarevo.

Tinusaur foundation - VIVACOM Regional Grant

The funds will be used to purchase six laptops, tools, equipment, and supplies. Those wishing to participate in the activities will assemble a Tinusaur Kids.Micro electronic board with a soldering iron. This board is a miniature computer with which we will learn to program. At the end of the workshop, we will create an interesting project that may even be useful in our daily lives.

Participants get to keep everything they’ve made during the workshop. Later they can use it in school projects or competitions. Students will have the opportunity to continue their studies with the help of the free online materials that we have prepared.

The project is expected to start in early June for the International  Children’s Day – June 1. It will be implemented in stages in the individual schools to cover a total of 60 students. For us, these are 60 families who (in most cases) will touch technology and modern education for the first time. We will give them confidence that the place where they live can provide them with opportunities no worse than those in the big city.

Opportunity for teachers

We will invite teachers from each school during the workshops, who will also learn about the benefits of using modern teaching aids. We will offer a scholarship from our foundation for those of them who show the most significant interest and motivation. They will participate in a training organized by us in collaboration with our partners. It will allow them to continue the workshops in the future or implement the activities in regular classes.

We are sure that such an event will be a unique experience for all participants – students, teachers, and parents, and will inspire them to continue to develop in this direction. We want to continue this initiative in the future in other schools in the region of Veliko Tarnovo.

The project “Robotics, Electronics and Programming for Everyone” is implemented under the “VIVACOM Regional Grant” program.

Our first workshop for this year

Tinusaur Workshop Soldering Plovdiv Hackafe

Our first workshop for this year took place couple of weeks ago in Plovdiv at Hackafe. It was part of a much larger event about microcontrollers, robotics and internet-of-things.

This time, it was for 2 days and in 3 parts.

Part 1 (day 1) was an introduction to the microcontrollers for everyone that was just starting – short 30 minutes presentation and then discussions about various problems that one may experience while working with input/output. It was interesting to see some observation by people that have no much experienced about buttons and the noise that they may produce, then … how do we do debouncing.

Tinusaur Workshop Plovdiv Hackafe

Part 2 (day 2) was soldering. Everyone got Tinusaur Starter 2 kit. No one had difficulties assembling the board – there’s no much you can get wrong with this board.

One of my friends shot a timelapse at one of the tables.

Part 3 (day 2) was the fun part.

We wrote the blinking LED program – that was easy.

Then we started experimenting.

As it is an old Bulgarian custom to wear Martenitsa in March we made some blinking ones with the Tinusaur.

We also managed to play polyphonic tunes using ELM – Wavetable Melody Generator.

But the most unusual thing we did was to make an old floppy disk drive play a melody.

Thanks to Vencislav Atanasov (https://github.com/user890104) for the idea.

The inspiration was from Moppy – the Musical Fl oppy by SammyIAm.


Oh, by the way, incase you’ve not heard it yet 🙂 …

Tinusaur Project Crowdfunding Indiegogo

We have recently launched a Tinusaur crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo so if you like what we’re doing please support us at http://igg.me/at/tinusaur.