The project for electronics and programming workshops in 8 villages in the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo concluded

STEM workshop on electronics and robotics

At the end of May 2023, the last of the series of free-of-charge electronics and programming workshops organized by the Tinusaur Foundation as part of the Vivacom Regional Grant project was held. It’s time for a reckoning for our joint project with Vivacom Regional Grant. 8 small schools in the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, … Read more

BLOCKTINU – The Development Environment for the Tinusaur – ATtiny85 Microcontroller Board

BLOCKTINU - The Development Environment for the Tinusaur

The Blocktinu is the development environment for your Tinusaur microcontroller boards where you could use blocks to produce real C programming language source code. As you move your blocks (on the left) to implement your algorithms, the source code (on the right) will be automatically updated. Pretty neat, huh? Now you can start learning the C programming … Read more