February: Quick update

Tinusaur Project Milestones

This is quick update for what is happening in the lab. The design of the board is pretty much final. We consider this as release candidate marked as RC1 – it probably won’t change much or not at all. It is available on 123d.circuits.io at this address: http://123d.circuits.io/circuits/116696. You can order the PCBs there or if you prefer … Read more

The Tinusaur boards are now available for purchase from 3rd parties

Tinusaur PCB from OSHPark

The design of the board will not change very much so the prototypes should be considered useful. Boards are available for purchasing from the following 3rd parties: OSH Park – Tinusaur Proto v0.1 m2. 123D.Circuits.io – Tinusaur Proto v0.1 m2. When you go to these websites look for the link for ordering boards. This information will be permanently … Read more