Introducing the BLOCKTINU – programming with blocks for the Tinusaur and ATtiny85

Dragging and dropping blocks on a web page that generates real C code which gets compiled on the cloud and then uploaded locally to your microcontroller.

Does that sound interesting to you?

Well, we’ve done it. Kind of. We called it Blocktinu.

A couple of weeks ago me (Neven Boyanov) and my friend Geroge (Georgi Marinov) participated in the #BG10xEU hackathon in Sofia and the idea that we developed and presented was just that. Within the given 24 hrs we managed to develop the initial version of most of the modules, including a browser extension for Google Chrome for handling the communication between the cloud and the local machine. At the moment the only missing part is the piece that invokes the avrdude from within the browser extension.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is just the beginning and there is still work to be done.

We will have the source code (free and open) at this location:

UPDATE (2021): Bitbucket no longer hosts our projects. 🙁
Our source code is available at
— (mirror)

The project will be located here: /projects/blocktinu/.

The Blocktinu is using the Blockly library for handling the block in a browser.

Below is a high-level architecture diagram.

Blocktinu for Tinusaur Architectural Diagram
Blocktinu for Tinusaur Architectural Diagram

PS: We did not get any prizes, the judges did not find the idea interesting enough. 🙁

3 thoughts on “Introducing the BLOCKTINU – programming with blocks for the Tinusaur and ATtiny85”

  1. is there a subscription list for the blocktinu project…?

    how can we learn about when it is ready…?

    must we keep attempting to access it on bitbucket just to get an error until it arrives…?

  2. Hey, William,
    Thanks for your interest.
    The Blocktinu is not ready yet for public access – that are things to be fixed and improved. We just don’t want people to start playing with it and get frustrated and disappointed. The repository on Bitbucket is there but it isn’t public yet. Will be very soon, We will post on this website.


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