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Dragging and dropping blocks on a web page, generating real C code, compiled on the cloud and then uploaded locally to your microcontroller.

We created the Blocktinu platform that will allow you to start with the programming of your Tinusaur microcontroller system really quick. With it, you could simply drag and drop some blocks to implement your algorithms.

The platform automatically generates the C source code. And the best part is that you can start learning the C programming language just by looking at the generated source, change your blocks and see how the source code changes.

Blocktinu Blocks
Blocktinu moving blocks
Blocktinu generated source code
Blocktinu generated C source code

The Blocktinu platform has its own website at

Check also the Guides section of our website.

We will have the source code (free and open) at this location:
UPDATE (2021): Bitbucket no longer hosts our project. 🙁
Our source code is available at (mirror)