Tinusaur Shield EDUx4IO

This is the Tinusaur Shield EDUx4IO. It is perfect for educational purposes.

Tinusaur Shield EDUx4IO Parts

It consists of 4 essential components:

  • Button – as digital input
  • LED – as digital output or analog output
  • Photoresistor – as analog input
  • Buzzer – as digital output or analog output
Tinusaur Shield EDUx4IO
Assembled Tinusaur Shield EDUx4IO

Or put in different perspective:

  • Digital input – the button
  • Digital output – the LED and the buzzer
  • Analog input – the photoresistor
  • Analog output – the LED and the buzzer

Here is the list of everything included with the Tinusaur Shield EDUx4IO:

# Name Description
1 Shield, PCB Shield EDUx4IO PCB
2 H1, Header Header 2×4, Male    (1)
3 H2, Header Header 2×5, Male
4 LED1, LED LED, 3mm, red
5 PHR1, Photoresistor Photoresistor
6 R (LED1) Resistor 330 ohm, Small, 1/8W, for LED1  (2)
7 R (PHR1) Resistor 10K, Small, 1/8W, for PHR1  (2)
8 BUZ, Buzzer Buzzer, passive
9 BUT, Button Button, pushbutton, tactile.

IMPORTANT: Please note that …

  • In order to use the shield, you will need a Tinusaur Board to put it on.
  • This is a kit, you have to assemble it yourself.



Tinusaur Shield EDUx4IO


Tinusaur Shield EDUx4IO