This is the original Tinusaur Board – the kit that has the Tinusaur PCB and all the necessary components for the ATtiny85 micro-controller to work.

Tinusaur Board Parts

IMPORTANT: Please note that:

  • It comes as a kit, in parts, all in a small plastic bag, you have to solder it yourself.
  • In order to program this microcontroller board you will need a programmer and what we recommend is the AVR ISP programmer. We prefer using the USBasp because of its simplicity, reliability, last but not the least – its affordable price.

Tinusaur Board

Another option is to use an Arduino to program the ATtiny microcontroller. There are good articles on the Internet about how to do that, here are just a few: Programming an ATtiny w/ Arduino 0022Program an ATtiny with Arduino.

Our recommendation …

There is also the Tinusaur Starter – another kit we produce that has everything included in the Tinusaur Board plus a USBasp programmer, plus few other useful things. Check its page for more details.

What’s in the box?

Here is the list of everything included with the Tinusaur Board:

Name Description
PCB Tinusaur Board
MCU, Attiny85 Atmel AVR ATtiny85 microcontroller
Socket, DIP-8 DIP-8 socket for MCU
H1, Header Header 2×4, Female
H2, Header Header 2×5, Female
ISP, Header Header 2×5, Male, for ISP
RESET, Button Tactile push button, for RESET
Power, Header Header 1×2, Male, for external power
Battery, Header Header 1×2, Male, for battery power on/off
Battery, Jumper Jumper, 2-pin, for battery power on/off
C1, Capacitor Capacitor 100nF, Small
C2, Capacitor Capacitor 100uF, Low profile 5×5 mm
R1, Resistor Resistor 10K, Small, 1/8W
Battery holder Battery holder for CR2032
Battery 3V Battery 3V, CR2032

For information about purchasing visit our Where to buy page.

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