New Bundle: Tinusaur Starter 2

As you may already know, last week, we announced the Tinusaur Shield LEDx2. This is a very simple add-on board that you put on top of the Tinusaur Board. It has just four components: two LEDs and two resistors for each LED – there is not much to solder.

Now we have bundled this with a Tinusaur Board and a USB-ASP Programmer and that is now the Tinusaur Starter 2 kit. Great, isn’t it!

Tinusaur Starter 2 Kit

Check the links below for more detailed content information about each of the products included in this bundle:

IMPORTANT: Note that this is a kit, you have to assemble it yourself.

This bundle has its own page at Bundles / Tinusaur Starter 2.

Please, check the Where to buy page to see if the Tinusaur Starter 2 at the The Tinusaur Online Store.

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